30x ways to get your SaaS lead generation engine motoring.

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So what goes into a best-of-class SaaS lead generation engine? Generating leads – both high in quantity and quality is a key focus for running a business. There can be a lot of moving parts in any lead generation engine, and the more complex your sales process the more difficult it is to know which parts need your focus to on.

Are You Trying To Connect The Dots Between What The Customer Wants & What You Have To Offer? 

Do any of these statements sound familiar from talking to prospective customers?

1. “What problem – we don’t have a problem?”

2. “You know, it has always been like this, and things will never change …”

3. “ I am not sure we are ready to take action just yet …”

If you continue to communicate with a product-centric approach to your prospective buyers, there is a risk of becoming irrelevant and dropping off the radar.

You need to think of your sales process with the customer at the core, transform selling to match the way people buy.

“53% of marketers say half or more of their budget is allocated to lead generation, while 34% say less than half of their budget is allocated to lead generation. (BrightTALK, 2015)

“65% of marketers say generating traffic and leads is their top challenge. (HubSpot, 2016)

The Best Lead Generation Campaigns Contain Most, If Not All, Of The Following Components:

The Offer:

An offer is the high-value content that you create based on the buyer and where they are in their buying journey.

The Call-To-Action:

A call-to-action (CTA) is text, an image or a button that links directly to a landing page so visitors can find and download your offer.

The Landing Page:

A landing page, unlike normal website pages, is a specialised page that contains information about one particular offer.

The Form:

Forms will collect contact information from a visitor in exchange for an offer.

The Email:

Email is a cost effective way to build relationships with customers, it can be a simple thank-you or a collection of emails that nurture your prospects along the sales funnel.

The Customer Pain:

The Inbound methodology is all about attracting leads to you. The better you understand the pain that your customers are experiencing, the more effective you are going to be in creating products and services to address those needs.

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To understand your buyers make sure you undertake some buyer persona activities – to get to know their pains and motivations on why they buy.

The following are 30 ideas on how to trigger actions, warm your prospects and nurture them into your B2B and SaaS lead pipeline:

1. Supply & Demand

Scarcity makes us want something even more, especially if there isn’t enough to go around. So how do you create a sense of urgency?

  • Limited Time Offers
  • Limited Quantity Offers
  • Limited Time and Limited Quantity
2. Proof in numbers

One great way to elevate the value of an offer is by showing the numbers and testimonials of other customers buyomg from you.

3. Creating a buzz

By leveraging trends or breaking news you can take advantage of “noise” in the market to support your cause.

4. Focus on creating an amazing title

Yes – people do judge a book by it’s cover. If your offer is a piece of content, such as a whitepaper, e-book, or presentation, put effort into creating an inviting title.

5. Create a variety of offers

The most common offer or CTA you see on a website is “Contact Us.” As you know, buyers are more likely to do their own research before taking direct contact with sales. So provide a mixture of content on your site, in line with the stage your buyers are at when they visit your website.

6. Keep it simple

A professional image is necessary but avoid the dreaded corporate jargon terms and buzz-words.

7. Use a content format or message that works

Use a content “format” that from your experience and tracking works best for converting leads. This will always depend where in your sales funnel the prospect is – Top, Middle or Bottom.

8. Above the fold

Calls-to-action do best “above the fold” – the space where your web page is viewable to the user without having to scroll down. According to heat map analysis, anything “below the fold” will only be viewed by 50% of people who visit your page.

9. Clarity over selling copy

Sometimes marketers will put more focus on being clever rather than clear. Be clear and simple in what you are offering through your content.

10. Use contrast to make CTA’s stand out

A call-to-action is meant to stand out, so if your CTA blends in too much with your site design, no one will notice it.

11. Thank you pages are great CTA real estate

Even if someone completes a form on your website, don’t stop there. Increasing engagement is also a top priority for marketers so that prospects turn into loyal fans.

12. Link Your CTA to a Dedicated Landing Page

This tip might seem minor, but it’s incredible how often businesses miss this opportunity. Calls-to-action are meant to send visitors to a dedicated landing page where they receive a specific offer.

13. Promote offers on product pages

Dedicated Landing Page CTAs shouldn’t be one size fits all. If your company offers various products or services, you may want to consider creating a different offer for each of them.

14. Elements of an effective landing page

Landing pages, sometimes called a “Lead Capture Page,” are used to convert visitors into leads by collecting contact information from them that they exchange to gain access to your content.

15. Remove the main navigation

Once a visitor arrives on a landing page, it’s your job to keep them there. If there are links on the page to move about your website, it will distract the visitor and decrease the chance of them converting on the page.

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16. Match the Headline of the Landing Page to the Corresponding CTA

Keep your messaging consistent on both your CTA and the headline of the landing page.

17. Less is more

A cluttered page means a distracted visitor. Be brief and to the point; it’s in the offer itself where you give more information.

18. Emphasize the Benefits of the Offer

Make it clear in your brief paragraph and/or bullet points what the benefits of the offer are.

19. Encourage Social Sharing

Include social media buttons to enable your prospects to share content and offers.

20. More Landing Pages Equal More Leads

According to a recent marketing benchmarks report, companies see a 55% increase in leads by increasing landing pages from 10 to 15.

21. The right form length

The fewer fields you have in a form, the more likely you will receive more conversions.

22. To submit or not submit

That is the question most of your visitors are asking. One of the best ways to increase form conversion rates is to simply NOT use default word on your button: “SUBMIT.”

23. Reduce anxiety

People are more resistant to give up their information these days, especially because of the increase in spam. There are a few different elements you can add to the form or landing page to help reduce a visitor’s anxiety to complete the form.

24. Make the form appear shorter

If your form requires a lot of fields, try making the form look shorter by adjusting the styling.

25. Email marketing

Email can be a great channel for new lead generation, as a part of your acquisition and nurturing process.

26. Blogging brings in the leads

According to HubSpot’s recent Benchmarks report, companies that blog 6-8 times per month double their lead volume.

27. Social Media

Build a loyal following that you engage and interact with.

28. A/B Testing

A/B testing your landing pages and other assets can help you generate up to 40% more leads for your business.

29. Organic search

Its important to make it easy for people to find your landing pages through search engines. To do this, you need to apply search engine optimization (SEO) best practices.

30. Use links and CTA’s in your offers

As people enjoy your content, make sure that you have also included hyperlinks and CTA that can direct visitors to additional content that will help them in their buying decisions.

Take Away:

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