Our Approach

We are a growth agency delivering solutions to generate leads, increase sales, brand awareness and revenue.

We know how important it is to understand your buyer's personas, what their customer journey is and how you can map your product or services to helping address their pain or opportunities.

Our Story

Every business has a beginning and a path to success, our goal is to help you generate growth and map out your path - whether you are a startup, just getting going, established or desperate for change.

Our roots are based on over 25 years experience working at CEO, board level, senior corporate roles and consulting in Europe, Africa and the Middle East region.

With a 100% focus on Inbound Marketing, marketing automation, content production, digital marketing and lead generation.


Meet the Team

We are a people business. That can be the people we work with everyday to help them achieve their goals - or the customers that we help our clients entice and nurture with wonderful storytelling.

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John Kennedy

Founder & CEO

25+ years working in international sales, brand building, customer loyalty programs and marketing. Certified in Inbound Marketing and a Certified HubSpot Partner Agency with extensive digital marketing experience.

Email: john@kennedy.marketing

Yvonne Kennedy

Co-Founder & Partner

Nearly 10 years involved with selling children's English books. For the last 5 years in Sweden for Usborne Books at Home which provided a launch pad to be part of the community of Independent Organisers who sell the award-winning Usborne English children's books at schools through-out Sweden.

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Marketing Team

Owner of BB4 Communication, is a marketing and communication professional, with 15 years of experience in Business Development, Digital Marketing, Inbound Marketing and Content Marketing. She is based in Sweden and works with both local and global organisations. She has cooperated with the Kennedy Group AB since 2014.
Email: boel@bb4communication.se


Marketing Team

Oscar plays a key part in the content strategy and production, always keen to learn about how to help our clients achieve their growth goals.
Telephone nr: 0708624649

Next Steps...

We would love to hear from you, maybe you have an idea you want to share, a goal that you need help to achieve, whatever the reason we would love to hear from you ...