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HubSpot has always been our #1 choice when it comes to marketing automation and consolidating your inbound marketing activities. Certified with HubSpot since 2015, we have learned how HubSpot offers so much more to help your business grow.

Inbound marketing is about changing your approach and behaviour when you interact with customers. It is not just about the digital platform you use. It is about shifting to a buyer-centric approach, listening to your customers and offering a solution that fits.

Kennedy Group AB HubSpot certified agency Stockholm

HubSpot Certified

HubSpot offers a variety of certifications both as a company and for the individual. At Kennedy Group AB we have 5 certifications covering inbound, social media, content marketing and HubSpot.

What does HubSpot offer?

HubSpot is a platform that can help manage and consolidate all your inbound marketing activities into one place. To reach your target audience you’ll need tools to develop and distribute your content marketing.

What is Inbound marketing?

What is Content marketing?

HubSpot enables you to set up landing pages to managing your social media to your conversion tactics and content production. HubSpot has many sophisticated tools, which can be a little overwhelming. We always work with our clients to deliver an effective onboarding to set you up right. You may also want a demonstration to show what HubSpot can really do.

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HubSpot services we offer


Goal setting, marketing strategy, content planning, implementation planning, content audit and analysis, buyer personas, buying journey, customer mapping


Strategy, implementation, optimisation, ongoing management, support, analysis, copy writing, CRM set-up, database marketing


HubSpot on-boarding, inbound marketing, marketing automation, social selling, HubSpot account management, Google Analytics, Google Ads etc.


Copywriting, marketing collateral, websites, blog posts, e-guides, market research, interviews, case studies, webinars, social media, content gap analysis, etc.


Sales enablement, data entry, lead scoring, customer segmentation

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