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Kennedy Group AB are a digital growth agency that help businesses generate leads, increase sales, brand awareness and maximise revenue.


Transform the way you sell to the way your customer’s want to buy.


Get all your sales and digital marketing channels fully optimised and working towards improving sales conversions.


Content marketing helps attract and keep customers happy by building trust and credibility in what you say and do.

Technology, Cybersecurity & Professional Service companies

You want more leads or better-qualified leads. You want to support your B2B sales efforts, and close more deals. We'll work with you to understand your business and develop a sales and digital marketing strategy that fuels sales and revenue growth.

B2B Inbound Marketing and Sales Enablement

To succeed you’ll need to understand your customers and why they buy from you. We’ll personally guide you every step of the way towards creating a buyer’s persona, their buying journey and identifying their pain and your gain.

And that can mean helping Swedish businesses to develop internationally and at home or for companies looking to understand more about entering the Swedish market.


Based in Sweden, we help businesses boost growth locally and internationally. Working with clients from all over Europe, either face-to-face or remotely. We can work on an urgent project, become part of a team, provide consulting services or undertake to fully execute marketing as your remote resource.


The Marketing Stack

We can implement all the technology needed for customer acquisition. We specialise in HubSpot, Google Ads, Facebook ads and Active Campaign.

Digital communications

The process starts with our brand building blocks, developing your brand strategy. We create a set of deliverables that include messaging, visual language and a “tone of voice”.

Ideal customer

You need to speak to your customer’s pain points and we can help you position your solution perfectly.  By using buyer persona analysis, a buyer’s journey, competitive positioning, messaging and a targeted distribution strategy.

What we love to do!

We help companies in technology, cybersecurity and professional services grow faster with more effective sales processes, clearer brand messages, and optimised digital channels.

Certified since 2015 with HubSpot and a Certified HubSpot Partner Agency we offer coaching and consultancy services in HubSpot, inbound sales and marketing, branding, design and digital marketing to support your growth strategy.

HubSpot clients - 75%

75% Complete

Content marketing - 100%

100% Complete

Google Ads & SEO - 75%

75% Complete

Marketing strategy - 70%

70% Complete

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