Product Marketing for SaaS

You need to educate your future market. Find your target audience, and create content that presents a solution to their problem.

What is Product Marketing?

The role of product marketing especially amongst SaaS companies has grown signifcantly in the IT sector. From the computer software industry, to Information Technology services to cybersecurity.

Product marketers are focused on understanding who their customers are, and delivering a product message that meets the needs and motivations of prospective buyers.

The role of product marketing is to drive demand and product usage, elevating your product above a noisy and often confused marketplace – with so many choices and lookalike products to compete against.

We work with you to write positioning and messaging, launch new products, updated features, supporting sales enablement and customer success teams to be effective.

We help build your product positioning, create an impactful brand story to help your product stand out in a crowded space.

Without knowing who your ideal customers are, their backgrounds, goals and challenges – how can you market benefits to them?

At Kennedy Group AB we get involved at the very heart of this process, taking on a project, integrated as a part of your marketing team to organise your go-to-market strategy.


Product Marketing Strategy

Product marketing with SaaS companies focuses on a number of key performance indicators, from revenue generation, to upselling and cross-selling to customer retention and trial sign-ups.

Customer Development

Our job is to define the target market, to understand the competitive landscape, and how your SaaS product differs from incumbents.

Using focus groups, customer interviews and market research to evaluate the potential opportunity.

We are able to identify your target audience and the challenges that they are searching to address.

Buyer Persona

When a buyer decides to buy, what might seem like a simple transaction can actually be an intricate set of many interactions. In realisty only a small portion of any population will be interested in your solution.

If you try to market to everyone, you waste both time and money. If you have a product but no demand then the road to success will be a rocky one.

We undertake extensive buyer persona(s) development based on research, your knowledge and our extensive experience.

  • Who is this product for?
  • What problem does it solve?
  • What does success or failure look like?
  • Why is this product different from what’s out there already?
Product Positioning & Messaging

From our buyer persona insights we are able to map how your customer’s buy, the “buying journey”.

Each prospective buyer is at a different stage in their buying lifecycle – approach them too soon and they will jump out of the sales funnel. Target them with the right message at the right time, at that zero moment of truth and you’ll likely convert a sales lead into a customer.

We work with you on product positioning, re-enforced with key, targeted messages across the different customer touch points.

Content Marketing

As product marketers we produce, plan and strategise about content that includes everything from presentation decks to sales collateral, blog posts, landing pages, emails, go-to-market campaigns and websites.

We utilise the buyer persona, and buying journey insights to know what content is needed at what stage in the buying lifecycle to nurture and engage your target audience.

Our focus can be on content gap analysis, to understand how we elevate what content you already have or to build a matrix of communications to take a new product to market, building authority around your thoughts and opinions.

Inbound marketing – marketing tech (martech)

No tech savvy SaaS business would be without a full throttle marketing stack, our no.1 choice is HubSpot. We are keen supporters of the inbound methodology for both sales and marketing. So, we can sell, onboard and advise on HubSpot.

hubspot kennedy marketing

We are also keen users of Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google Docs, Slack, Trello, Asana, Intercom and more.

Digital Marketing

Creating a digital roadmap to attract website traffic, generate new leads,  build brand awareness and authority with your target audience. Using a digital toolbox covering SEO, SEM, PPC and storytelling.


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